About Me

About Me

Drinking, thinking wine. That’s what I do in my spare time.

After spending several years in the South African wine industry meeting fantastic people, tasting exceptional quality wines and travelling around the world, I find myself living in marvellous Melbourne, Australia. This blog will help me stay connected to the wonderful world of wine and prompt me to be a bit more proactive in ‘getting out there’ and seeing what Australia and the rest of the world have to offer wine-wise.

I drink, savour, imbibe, consume, osmosisise wine. I have a passion for it and everything involved with it. It’s not always about the vinification or complicated methodologies of rating and analysing wine. It’s also about getting to know who the people are behind the wine, seeing amazing places, and experiencing the passion behind so many excellent projects.

I also enjoy value-for-money wines to sustain my need for that daily glass of ‘aaawwww yissssss‘. I simply cannot afford $40, $70, $200+ wines daily. If YOU can, you are now my best friend and need to send me some of the good stuff. I will often delve into a box of wine ordered online, harass my other wine-drinking buddies for their findings, or browse (sometimes for a very long period of time) the shelves at my local wine shop for something I haven’t tried yet.

My family is entwined in my passion for wine. I seduced my wife with chocolates and wines when we started dating and look where that got me to today: Exploring a new country with a beautiful companion and two awesome kids.

Cheers! 😉🍷

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